It’s Only The Beginning

The best lessons are often those that are learned through experience.

When I set out to start up World Synergy back in 1998, I had one clear vision: to build a firm that provides integrated marketing and technology solutions to help companies grow.

Being so deeply involved in the marketing and technology industry for so many years now, I’ve concluded that there is one set consistency amongst the two: change is inevitable. The world moves quickly, and technology advancements only increase the speed in which it is moving year over year.

That said, my vision for business has only grown over the years – and continues to evolve the more that change continues to take place. My experiences from 28+ years in business have helped me to grow and share my experiences to help those around me grow themselves and their business.

As of November 2016, I’m excited to introduce Essence Marketing as a resource to collaborate with others who are passionate about the knowledge, vision, growth, and education needed to prosper in today’s busy environment.

Our mission here is to build a community of business entrepreneurs and marketers that want share and discuss information about sales and brand marketing. I want to keep the conversation open amongst leaders to learn from each other’s experiences and provide beneficial thought leadership to encourage one another.

Here are a few house rules to help keep this site fresh and relevant:

  1. Ask a specific question about sales and marketing. (An example being: “I work for a 40 million dollar company who doesn’t seem to care about having a clear “purpose” because they have been successful without one over the years. Why should they start caring?”)
  2. Share some original content. (What kind of business do you work for? How would/have you handled this situation? What can we learn from you?)
  3. Share a link about relevant content with a brief overview. (What resources did you find beneficial in finding a solution to this? What was the outcome of implementing these efforts?)

As our industry continues to grow, we must continue to grow along with it. Stay tuned for future posts – this is only the beginning!