You Are Amazing

When was the last time you described your company using the adjective “amazing”?

Chances are it’s been a few years… or you just never had.

Why is that?

Something I always find interesting is how companies take on the approach of marketing themselves. With such a wide level of competition in the market place today, organizations are so quick to talk about themselves as being better, stronger, faster, and cheaper. But does fast and cheap ever really lead to quality goods or services? How long can you really be the fastest or the cheapest before the next company moves in next door and competes on price?

Rather than describe yourself as being better or faster at doing something, tell the world how you are different at doing something – and why you are doing it. Different and purposeful will provide long-term results and services that give value to a customer. Your business deserves more credit than just being marketed as fast and cheap. Is it time to reconsider how you are showing off to the world?